In CONSIDER ME YOURS, Alexander Wolf held up a mirror to the viewer. As a reverse declaration of love, he took the point of view of our society's problems and brought them right in front of our eyes. Escape was impossible.

Sexism, gender inequality, racism, homophobia, climate change ... the list of problems is long. Sometimes oppressive, sometimes completely carefree, he found different approaches and fully replayed the broad field of social and environmental issues. The special exhibition location, one of the oldest villas in the prestigious villa district in Bonn-Bad Godesberg, made its contribution and created surreal worlds. Visitors had the chance to be a part of the unique interplay of past, present and future and to immerse theirselves in CONSIDER ME YOURS.

The exhibition with graphics, photographs, paintings, sculptures and installations started on November 19, 2021.

Some Love For The Planet

photo series

Breast Milk & Liver Sausage

The Price Of A Human (Liver Sausage)

Breast Milk

Speciesism. Why is it okay to drink a cow‘s udder secretions, but drinking a dog‘s breast milk is reprehensible?

The Price Of A Human 

Dead animal out of the can. How would we react to human liver sausage and why would it be so much more expensive in the supermarket?

Delfts Blauw? Delfts Wow!

Delfts Blauw? Delfts Wow!

Delfts Blauw (Delft Blue), the blue and white porcelain from Delft in the Netherlands, was created at the end of the 16th century and is still known worldwide today. Initially, the Delft potters mainly applied oriental decorations to their products. Later, however, these images were replaced by genuinely Dutch scenes that were considered worthy of protection. But what should be considered worth protecting today? With the pressing issue of sexism in mind, this piece shows a flower of special nature.

They mattered.

(2 x 1,40 m)

They mattered.


They mattered.

Racism is omnipresent. Since 2015, 1,448 black people have died in police operations in the United States. This means that African-Americans are significantly more likely to be victims of fatal police violence than other population groups. Just one example of racism and one crucial reason for the international, solidarity movement Black lives matter.

Reality isn't colorful.



How do you look away?


Sleeping beauty


Sleeping Beauty

We live in a world where IQ is worth less than BMI. Around 6.27 million people die from cosmetic surgery each year. Reasons for such operations are usually a lack of self-confidence, the hope of greater success in love and, more and more often, the desire to look like the influencers of the illusory world on social media. „Sleeping Beauty“ questions the absurdity of said beauty craze.


It is not only in Germany that rising rents are burdening the working class. The situation is also coming to a head in The Netherlands. In Rotterdam on Sunday, October 17th, 2021, the peaceful “Woonprotest” ended with sudden police violence, abuse of power and several arrests.

The tenants‘ protest ran under the motto “#woonopstand” (“housing revolt”). More than 8,000 people called for a quick end to the inhumane housing crisis. Hundreds of Rotterdam residents are homeless, sleep in overpriced hostels and hotels, squat vacant houses or are forced to live in illegally built campsites.

The police violently attacked the peaceful protest. When crossing the Erasmusbrug (Ersamusbridge), the symbol of Rotterdam, a whole cavalry stopped the protesters for no 

apparent reason. Shortly afterwards, both police officers and undercover forces used batons to attack the demonstrators. Many people suffered lacerations and other injuries. A traumatic experience for all participants.

In the end, eight people were arrested on „suspicion of possessing weapons and insulting the police“. 50 demonstrators, who had shown solidarity with the arrested, were taken away by the police in an empty tram for identification and controls.

The actual demands of the demonstrators for stronger regulations of the housing market by the state were ultimately overshadowed by disproportionate police violence.